Golden Carved Palki

A beautiful piece of art, the  Golden Carved Palki is the most amazing in our collection and has been hand carved and painted in gold.  This is a truely amazing looking palki.  If you would like to make your entrance unique then the golden carved palki is certainly going to wow the guests attending your wedding and is suitable for all types of venue.  Traditionally the uncles or/and brothers would carry the palanquin.  The palki requires a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 8 people to carry it.  Where the venue has a high roof  the palki can be carried on the shoulders, it can also be carried at waist height.  Painted in an amazing gold gloss finish the golden carved palki is one of our most popular palkis.

Doli and Palki Hire for all occasions like proms, saree ceremony, barmitzvah, batmitzvah, mehndi, wedding

London – Luton – Leicester – Birmingham – Nottingham – Leeds – Liverpool – Scotland – Wales – Brighton – Essex – Bolton – Manchester – Oldham -Cardiff and more….

How does it Work?

-We deliver the Doli or Palki 30-45 mins before you will use it.

-We show the people carrying it how to do so correctly and safely and make sure everything goes smoothly

-Once you have used the doli or palki we usually take it


How much space do I need?

-Your venue should have double doors so that doli or palki be carried safely.

-Please inform us if using the palki anywhere other than the ground floor of the venue.

-If you have an aisle way to walk down then the width should be 1.6m to 2m wide.

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golden carved palki
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golden carved palki
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The Golden Carved Palki is the most amazing in our collection. It has been hand carved and painted in gold. This is a truely amazing work of art.
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