Bar / Bat Mitzvah

Make an amazing Bar or Bat Mitzvah entrance carried in an open palki. According to Jewish law, at thirteen a boy is no longer considered a minor and is responsible to fulfil all the Torah’s commandments. The term “bar mitzvah” literally means “son of the mitzvah,” or one who is obligated in mitzvah observance.

A girl becomes a bat mitzvah at the age of 12 according to Orthodox and Conservative Jews. And at the age of 13 according to Reform Jews.

The obligation is automatic, whether or not a celebration or special ceremony is held. But since becoming a bar/bat mitzvah is such an important milestone and joyous occasion it is celebrated together with family and friends. This palki can be carried by a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 8 and is one of our most popular palki’s.

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