Browse through these FAQs to find answers to commonly raised questions.

Doli/Palki Hire

1.How many people can carry the doli or palki? A  minimum of 4 people can carry most of the palki’s however for the larger doli’s /Palki’s we reccommend 6-8 people.

2.What is the width of the palki’s/Doli’s? Our smaller palki’s are 60 cm wide and very light weight. The large doli’s and Palki’s have a width of around 93cm.

3.Should the venue have double doors? For most of our doli’s and Palki’s the venue should have double doors throughout.

4. Should it be used on the ground floor? As long as there is a lift or stairs that are wide enough then it can be used on higher levels.

5. What is the process of booking? If your event is more than 4 weeks away then we take £100 deposit to confirm your booking. The final balance would be due 4 weeks before the function. We send you an invoice for payment and take payment by bank transfer.

6.In order to avoid too many people handling the doli/palki we usually keep it in the van until it is ready to be used and recommend that the people carrying it take it from the van. We then wait for you to use it and ask that it is brought back to the van.

Horse & Carriage / White Wedding Horse

1. What is included in the package? A white wedding horse decorated in red and gold with more keeper in traditional costume for 1 hour.

2.Are the horses ok with drums and loud music? Yes, our horses are well trained and are aware of the sounds of the dhol and brass bands, we do not recommend the use of fireworks around the horses but flares are Ok.