Phoolon Ki Chadar Ideas for that amazing Bridal Entrance

You want to make a grand entry on your wedding day, and one of the best ways to do that is to decorate the phoolon ki chadar. The flower canopy makes the bride feel like a princess. Her friends and brothers guide her through the entrance of the wedding venue till the stage under the phoolonki chadar. There are different ways to decorate the phoolonki chadar such as using different flowers or fabric. Here are some ideas for decorating the phoolonki chadar.

  • Tulle – Tulle that has sparkles or a transparent fabric can be used to decorate the phoolonki chadar. You can also add different flowers to make it more special.
  • KalireinAdd the traditional Kalireinto the flower canopy to make it unique.
  • Roses and MograThe flower canopy is woven with Mogra buds and roses or other flowers.
  • Framed EffectDifferent flower arrangements can be made for the center. You can pick a different arrangementwith different flowers for the frame. The color of the flowers can be matched to your dress as well.
  • LED Lights –Why don’t you add LED lights to the fabric? It will add to the charm and beauty of the flower canopy.
  • Dome-shapedIf you don’t want to follow the usual, rectangular shape, why don’t you make a dome-shaped phoolon ki chaadarto make yourentry more unique?
  • Rajasthani Parrots –You can add Rajasthani Parrots to flower strings to give your entry an ethnic feel.
  • Colorful Tassels– Your flower canopy will look more beautiful with colorful tassels hanging from it. The color of the tassels can match your dress.
  • Roses –You can have your phoolon ki chadar entirely decoratedin roses.

Having a high phoolon ki chadar is better than a short one. This way, your friends and family will not have to stretch their arms to make sure the flower canopy remains over your head. Holding the phoolon ki chadar in one position will take a toll on their arms, so make sure that the flower canopy has lots of height. It is easy to hold the canopy at waist level. This is one of the reasons why umbrellas are becoming a popular flower canopy option as it’s lightweight and more comfortableto carry.

When choosing a design for your phoolon ki chadar, you have to make sure that it complements your venue décor. If there are no roses in the venue, then don’t ask the service provider to decorate the phoolon ki chadar completely in roses. You also need to consider how the colors complement your outfit. It should improve your overall look, not distract people from it.  Your phoolon ki chadar can be decorated with real flowers. Here are some ideas to help you achieve your desired look.

  • Decorate the canopy completely in kaleerey.
  • Consider using orchids.
  • Yellow and white flowers would look good with red roses.
  • You can also decorate the flower canopy with rosebudsthat have not opened yet.
  • An intricately woven flower canopy with marigold flowers will make your entry more memorable.
  • You can also adorn the phoolon ki chadar with fresh pink roses with leaves.

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