An Amazing Wedding Entrance Idea for the Asian Groom

Arrive in style in a beautifully decorated white wedding horse. White wedding horses are famous in Sikh and Hindu weddings. The groom is led to the wedding venue in a procession called baraat. The Ghori for baraat will be decorated appropriately by experts who know the choices and social tastes of their clients. The horses are safe to ride and fully trained.
In Sikh weddings, the groom while carrying a sword or kirpan and wearing a turban or safa. He’s accompanied by his groomsmen, friends and family members. The groom can choose to arrive on a white horse or in a luxury vehicle like a limo and then ride the horse for the final part of the journey. Brides can also choose to arrive on a horse-drawn carriage. Couples can leave the wedding venue together on the carriage.
White wedding horses are provided with experienced and expert horse handles as well as matching umbrella. The white horse is ridden by the Indian, Bengali, Sikh, Hindu or Asian groom to leave his home and arrive at the bride’s house or the wedding venue.
Asian wedding traditions vary greatly. In Tibet, the white horse is brought by the groom’s maternal uncle to the place of the bride the day before the wedding. Gifts are also brought along. The bride will ride the horse to the venue. The horse is decorated with traditional gold and red wedding cloth. In Afghani weddings, the groom mounts the horse at 10 in the evening to arrive at the wedding festivities, which usually start at 7 pm and continue into the early morning at the venue of the wedding.

Hiring a white wedding horse will definitely impress your guests. The ghori for baraat will not get are fully versed to the sound of the dhol. The horse has a steady temperament and will not be easily scared when they hear loud music or encounter noisy people. The white horse will enhance your arrival and exit.
The horse can be outfitted in your chosen colors. Your service provider can adorn the white horse in different colors and ornaments for your traditional Asian wedding. You want your wedding day to be perfect and memorable. Everything should go as planned. This is why you want to make sure that your service provider will provide precisely what you need and give you excellent customer service from start to finish.
White wedding horses will add charm to your wedding. The traditional dancing horse is another amazing option. The horse dance is a traditional and essential part of Punjabi culture. It’s performed at local festivals and weddings. The horse is not ridden but is trained to dance whenever it hears the sound of the double-headed drum or dhol being played. Dancing horses are usually white or black female horses with bracelets of bells or Ghungroos tied to their front legs to create a rhythmic sound.

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